Journey to the Soul

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Testimonials from Clients


Hi Kathy,

Thanks for your reading a couple of months back,

You were right about me getting a job in New Zealand. In fact I got offered two jobs in the end so had the luxury of choosing between the two. It really does look like life will be much happier for me out there!

I found the whole session with you to be inspiring and I felt much more at ease by the end of the session so thank you. Greg

AMAZING-you were so accurate it amazed me. Skeptic turned believer-Tom

Sorry for the delay in emailing you. I just want to say 'WOW' when I see you a few weeks ago. You were spot on with everything you said and described.Thankyou Kathy, so very much.

Dear Kathy
I just wanted to send you a quick message to let you know that I’m a changed man since my appointment with you last Wednesday morning!  All the background noise which has dogged me for so many years has totally dissipated.  I really can’t begin to understand what you did or how you did it, but that hardly matters – years of misery are behind me, hopefully for good. 
You have changed my life so much for the better and I cannot thank you enough.

Kathy- The hour I spent with you changed my life. You pulled stuff from my aura that had held me back for years. I could feel the blockages being removed. You have a true gift and you are so down to earth and kind. I cant tell you how this has changed me. I owe you my life back- Joan.

Hi Kathy,
I just wanted to thank you so much for the amazing past life therapy. Needless to say, it gave me a lot to think about! Since then however, I have had a new zest for life and it feels empowering. I want to thank you for bringing the true nature of my gift to my attention and for helping me to realise my full potential.
Hi Kathy
wanted to make contact and thank you so much for the aura sensing session which I had with you at Quest   I remember you saying that things would take a couple of weeks to settle, and you were spot on. 
I didn’t quite recognise the change at first, but then I started noticing how my general state of emotional and mental health had lifted.  Whereas usually I would have a quick temper and more often than not wake up in a bad mood, I feel so much lighter, and much more measured when things go wrong.  I think for the past 20 years (probably longer), I’ve had an under-lying depression which I’ve just learnt to cope with.  I just thought that was just the way I had evolved and I just had put up with it. 
After having spent a while on antidepressants, since I was in my mid 20’s I’d been looking for some sort of alternative cure for my depressive tendencies.  I tried homeopathy (studied at Regents Pk), flower remedies, crystals, and then over the past 6 years I’d been attending the energy centre.  All of this stuff helped, I had my coping strategy – and I was on a journey. 

I am amazed that in that one session I feel all of that heaviness has gone, the struggle which I’d kind of lost sight of is gone. 
Anyway I’ve been raving about what you did for me, to a few of my friends, so expect some more clients coming your way.
Kathy, that was truly Amazing. I have never felt so released in all of my life. Feel a weight has been lifted. You are truly gifted, and your psychic abilities astounded me. Cant wait to book another session with you. Karen
WOW is all I can say. I have lived with this chronic grief and sadness for over 15 years and within one session poof it was gone. I know you say you dont have a gift, but I have to disagree. I loved how humble and down to earth you were. I am recommending to all of my friends. Carol
Kathy, I walked in sceptical and left in wonder. Your easy manner and how you explained everything was so accurate. Your psychic ability was the best I have ever seen. You were scarily spot on! I feel that the issue I came in with, was dealt with fully, and I feel so well. Thanks David.
Fantastic hour. Read the mystery aura review in the SM2 mag and decided to give it a go. I was not dissapointed. How can you know so much about me. Was good to hear from loved ones too. An over all amazing experience. Wasnt sure what to expect, but exceeded any expectations I did have. Recommended you to my friends. Clive

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