Journey to the Soul

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Prediction Magazine review May 2012 edition

The MAY edition of PREDICTION MAGAZINE did a review of a session with Kathy. Gemma Birss reviewed. ( Prediction Magazine page 78)

" My first session was with Kathy Mingo who, although she is referred to as an Aura senser and cleanser, is so much more than that. Incredibly grounded and down to Earth, Kathy is one of the most incredible intuitive readers and healers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She has a number of healing feathers to her cap, including past life regression, Tarot reading, clairvoyancy and energy healing. In our session, she immediately honed in on an issue that had been bothering me for year and gave me a completely new insight into it. She accurately described people ( including their names) and situations that were affecting my life and seemed to know me better than I know myself! As she talked, constantly verifying with me what she was witnessing, she was removing chords and resolving past traumas. It was an intense experience, and I could sesne a tingling in the area where the cords were attached.

While Kathy was performing these profound energetic healings, the crystals she had placed beneath my couch were rolling all over the room. It was a little disconcerting to hear a crystal skull rattling across the floor of its own accord, but Kathy assured me that it was only because of the strength of the energetic shifts. Ah, well that makes it alright, then! After my session with Kathy, I felt completley different, like a new person. Something massive had shifted, and I felt as free as a bird.

Our editor Alex went in for a session with Kathy after me and came out with a similar look of awe and wonderment on her face. As with me, Kathy had hit the nail on the head with regards to any issues that needed addressing."

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