Journey to the Soul

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My Journey

The reason I decided to become a past life regression therapist was because of my own journey.

I had spent many years with a feeling of  disconnection with the world and myself. I spent  the good part of a decade in traditional cognitive therapy but felt for me, it didn't quite get to the crux of the matter. I didn't feel settled and felt something was stuck within my soul.

It was one day when I decided to have a Past Life Regression. I was nervous and went along with a sense of trepidation. I had tried all else so thought why not?

I had the view that hypnosis was a form of thought control, but decided I probably wouldn't be able to be "put under" as I called it so when I found out I was in complete control of everything, could hear sounds around me, could function properly, I was utterly amazed.

It transpired that I was a Native American woman who had died alone and suffering. I felt the same way in this lifetime and that day something was released that pushed me forward. I have uncovered many more fascinating lifetimes since.

I have attended the College of Psychic Studies and joined the advanced meditation group with Cecilia Jones which I believes helps me to understand the process of Past Life Regression and Spirit Release even more.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you on your journey.


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