Journey to the Soul

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What to expect ...FAQ

I have been asked many questions regarding Past Life Therapy and Spirit Release. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

Q) Will I be in complete control during my regression?

A) will be able to hear everything around you, respond to questions and describe what is going on in your mind during the regression. The unconscious mind will not allow a person to go against their own moral code. It is perfectly safe and actually really enjoyable!!

Q) Will I go into a past life?

A) Usually yes, but if for some reason you don't, there might be resistance involved which we can deal with safely and effectively.

Q) Can it harm me?

A) Not at all. It is just a form of deep relaxation in which the unconscious mind helps you to uncover things that have been lost or repressed.

Q) What is Spirit Release?

A)  Ever since antiquity spirit release therapy has been applied. Nearly all cultures and religions have dealt with the issue of discarnate beings of varying degrees influencing living people, causing different effects on their hosts.

If you are suffering from stress, either emotional or physical you can be left with a frailty which negative energies can attach to at subtle vibrational level. This can affect your health, energy levels and even your behaviour patterns. An attachment may well bring with it the physical symptoms it experienced at the time of its death.

You do not need to hold any particular religious belief. I am highly trained in releasing these negative attachments which might have left you feeling stuck and unable to progress in your life.

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