Journey to the Soul

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The new 12th Vibrational ray master LORD AKCHUNA

He is being introduced back into our consciousness from the Mu eon. We have forgotten our deep knowledge of consciousness and are now being awakened to his frequency and wisdom to take forward into a world that is separated because of attachment to the ego mind.

His healing wisdom light is formed of Plasma light and frequency. Its viscosity transcends all physical matter to transform and lubricate the soul to re-transition itself beyond the mortal coil. We are more now than just mind body and spirit- We are a trinity of all these frequencies. We are expanded consciousness and his influence will help us to align to the new frequencies on Earth being brought in at this time.. The magnetosphere around the earth is weakening and this allows the power light of Plasma consciousness to embed within our auric fields. We are more than we perceive ourselves to be.

The feeling of this frequency links to anti-gravity, we hold within our souls the divine spark of limitless potential. We have moved beyond the mind of the "I think therefore I am" to the unity space of "I am therefore I am".

 Eventually he says we will move to a single point of singularity where we will JUST BE. Lord Akchuna deals with the initiated souls¿the light workers and healers on earth at present that are holding up the earth and the cosmic soul frequencies for mankind. The frequency range of this AKCHUNA light is 900-927 Hz and it helps to open up the Celestial Star seed chakra that lies beyond the frequency of the mind. It situation point lies beyond 30 feet above the crown charka. It is a point of divine amalgamation for souls to co create with source.

He has come in at this point in our time line to accelerate our understanding of plasmic light and the wisdom that science and spirit are intuitive to each other when the mind does not separate form from soul. It is intelligent within its own right and this intellect or intuited form exists beyond the corporeal. Lord AKCHUNA wishes to free us from the tyranny we create within ourselves and free us from fear of failure and self-destruction of PERCEIVED thought. We are interwoven with the divine and have been since the beginning. It is time for a new wave of awareness and awakening beyond which we are not able to conceive of as yet.

Channelled to Kathy Mingo- Copyright kathymingo2016



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