Journey to the Soul

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Kathy does past/present life regression, aura healing, aura sensing and pyschic tarot readings. She works with energy to balance and harmonise the energetic field around the body. She also removes blocks of all types from the auric field, offering chakra balancing and soul retrieval.

 Aura sessions involve removal of emotional blockages and releasing of fear, grief, anger and sadness.

Kathy is also an Aura Medium and clairvoyant, in which readings are given and loved ones can come through from spirit with messages of hope and support.

Kathy also practices Metatronic Healing and is able to channel the Archangel Metatron energy to facilitate deep change and block release. This allows the soul to vibrate at a much higher frequency and allows for the soul to learn about ascension.

She has a lot of success with recommendations from clients, who speak highly of her accuracy and ablility. She takes great pride in helping client's release patterns that they have had for years, and seeing them grow. Emotional blocks can be stuck in our Auric field for years, and when finally released can cause a great feeling of relief.

Kathy is also a  meditation teacher and runs classes via Lucis College and Dorking Awareness Group, teaching meditation with guided visualisation techniques. The classes are popular and teach people to transcend every day life to achieve total relaxation. Meditation classes are run in groups and vary from meeting spirit guides, to acsension techniques. Please contact Quest for bookings and enquiries for a one to one reading.

Quest, The Ashley Centre, Epsom, Surrey    01372 878606

Shamanic Healing and Core Shamanism

Many people have asked me what name I would put to my aura work, and after meeting with a Shaman, was told that it was, in actuality, Shamanic work that I do. I do Soul retrevial, Soul intergration, along with Soul merging. I work with energies on the higher and lower realms, and am dictated during a session by what is required for the client and the clients spiritual advancement.

I have always been able to do this work, as I feel it is a natural state for me. I am very interested in the Soul, and the intergration of lost pieces. I think we are all looking for our whole essence and sometimes just need a little help to bring them all back.

Many clients have stated that after a session  they feel that years of negative feelings and patterns have been released. Its so nice to receive emails from people after a session that state that a true and significant shift has happened for them. As a Shamanic practictioner, that is the most fufilling thing I can hear.

I tend, in my sessions to use one or more of these Shamanic techniques according to what the clients need. Sometimes I am directed by the clients guides themselves, and will always make sure that the best is being achieved.

The Soul is a big part of who we are and tends to be overlooked in this often busy, hectic and materialistic world. Feelings of loneliness and feeling separate within ourselves are often symptoms of a Soul that needs help.


Aura Mediumship

What is Aura Mediumship?


Kathy is a Clairvoyant and an Aura medium. The Aura holds volumes of information and Kathy uses her mediumship skills to intrepret the aura and the information it holds.

Loved ones from Spirit often come in during this time with love and messages of support. Often they will also report information regarding blockages, and reasons for those blockages.

If you wish to have a Clairvoyant medium session please contact Quest


01372 878606

Why take a journey to the soul?


Have you ever thought you might have lived before? Have you ever just known where to go in a place you have never visited? Do you feel stuck in life and repeat destructive patterns over and over but don't know why you continue to do so? Do you feel that there is something in you that holds you back from your true potential?

I am a transpersonal therapist, which means I deal with the mind body and soul. The soul is a neglected part of ourselves that gets pushed to the background as we try to navigate through our hectic and stressful lives. We feel disconnected and disillusioned with others, but mostly with ourselves. As a transpersonal therapist I deal with the unconscious mind to help unlock the potential within all of us to lead happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives. The unconscious mind holds records of everything but files it away as we suffer, especially in this day and age, of information overload. Often times, the conscious mind represses thoughts and emotions and we become detached from our true feelings.

In tapping into the unconscious mind by form of relaxation we can uncover a multitude of forgotten memories. Some of these memories can reach back to former lives and existences. The soul has no concept of time, so we still my be suffering from traumas that happened to us before we were even born. Hypnosis is a wildly misunderstood therapy with visions of stage performers controlling the audience and making them do seemingly banal tasks. This is not the case. We have all experienced hypnosis...when we daydream, arrive at a location we have been driving too..and then can't remember how we got there..there are many examples of it..its a natural state of being that can be hugely beneficial to us.

I offer past life regression and spirit release. I am passionate about what I do and feel honoured to help a client find their potential or locate a hidden memory that has held them back, or help them locate a past destiny that can help them understand certain patterns of behaviour, or understand their relationships with all the people around them they hold dear. I do this in a safe and nurturing environment, as I understand often people feel nervous about past life regression.

If you feel you are blocked and stifled or simply are intrigued about past lives then I can help you realise your goal. I offer safe and caring therapy and also spirit release and soul retrieval. I do group meetings to show people how to have a "spiritual make-over". We spend so much time and money on how we look and what we wear and can neglect that really special part of ourselves..our soul....Take a journey to your own soul...



The Information presented in these pages are for entertainment purposes only. No readings will be given to any persons deemed to be vulnerable or impressionable. Over 18's only unless accompanied by a parent/Guardian who has asked specifically for the reading.  ALL CONTACT with spirit should not be considered to be a substitute for medical, financial or legal advice.

Hypnosis and past life regression have varying degrees of success and does not work for everyone. Responsibilty from the client is essential for the success of the session.


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